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Brent and Michele are from a small town and attended high school together but never knew one another. In 2018, they met via a mutual friend and have been inseparable since.

When Brent proposed, they immediately began wedding planning. At the time they were operating a very successful business on Etsy and decided they would create and launch an original line of traditional New Orleans Second Line handkerchiefs, signs and favors.

When Michele started making these artful handkerchiefs as used in post-wedding jazz parades, she realized this was it, this was their "NICHE" in the market! She and Brent knew immediately they had to offer these unique and beautiful items to everyone.

They, like so many other couples, had to reschedule their wedding due to COVID-19. In that time Michele and Brent were able to build an entire new product line and in the process a new business, Lagniappe-Life.

Life is all about the little extras, and Michele and Brent want to provide a little something extra in life to customers and guests. By bringing their love of New Orleans and their love for each other together, they have created a beautiful line of products that everyone can enjoy.

Married in April, 2021, Michele and Brent joined their families to make a beautifully blended one. They are blessed with three children aged 25, 23 and 5, along with three beautiful grandchildren.

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