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Southern Cake Pull Charms

Southern Cake Pull Charms


Cake pulls have been a tradition for weddings that date back as far as Victorian times and were called "ribbon pulling". A tiny charm with a ribbon attached was placed into a cake and the wedding party (bridesmaids) would pull the ribbon and receive their fortune. As times evolved, it is no longer limited to the wedding party. Family, friends, children and guests are invited to retrieve the cake pulls; brides choice :) Cake pulls are still very popular in southern weddings and are sentimental in many wedding receptions.


Material: Silver Pewter

Ribbon: 8" White



Mask • Street Light • Fleur de Lis • Four Leaf Clover • Horn • Dove • Crawfish • Alligator • Eiffel Tower • Anchor • Pelican Crown • Fleur de Lis Key

Each Sold individually

SKU: 10103
  • Brand

     Lagniappe Life

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